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Hello parents of our youth archers 

The number of youth archers at MGAC has grown significantly over the past year and we are delighted to have so many enthusiastic young archers in our club. To make sure we maintain our safe shooting record, the committee would like to remind all parents of the rules for youth archers. Archers aged under 18 may only shoot if an adult is present and supervising the shoot in accordance with our shooting rules

The youth and MAGS lines on Sunday mornings are supervised by our volunteer coaches and although parents are not required to stay, we encourage you to so you can provide support and assistance. However, for our youngest archers, (those of primary or intermediate school age) we strongly recommend that a parent stay at the range. Parents are the best people to deal with the frustrations, emotions and physical challenges that can sometimes come from shooting. 

If your under 18 year old is shooting at any other time, they must be supervised by an adult who is willing, able and aware they are supervising. Please don’t assume that just because there is another adult on the range, that they will be able to supervise your youngster.

We encourage all our archers to make the most of our facilities to train, practice and have fun. Aside from Sunday morning youth and MAGS lines, we also run a Saturday afternoon club shoot from 1-3pm, and keyholders often open the range at other times. To stay informed about when keyholders are on the range, please join the MGAC Outdoor Range Availability Group on Facebook Messenger. 

We also have an indoor range, under the Waitakere Badminton Centre at Massey which is open 24/7 to all members of Mountain Green. Access details were included in the welcome email you will have received when you joined the club – let us know if you need these re-sent.

Thank you for choosing Mountain Green Archery Club. If you have any questions about our club, you can always ask your coach or feel free to email the committee via this address.

Kind regards

Sarah Newcombe
Mountain Green Archery Club