Indoor Range Access

Our indoor range is in the basement of the Massey (Waitakere) Badminton Centre, located at 149-155 Royal Road, Massey. This facility is available for use by members of any recognised archery club and is available 24/7. Please note that we do not allow casual public archery, meaning that anyone wishing to access the indoor range must be a member of a recognised archery club.

The range has seventeen individual lanes. Eleven of these have Pinex softboard backing suitable for recurve bows and lower-poundage compounds. Six lanes have bales suitable for most compound bows. Bows used at the range must have a draw weight no greater than 60 pounds (aligning with World Archery competition regulations).

Our Indoor Range Rules must be followed at all times by all people in the range (archers, spectators, family, etc).

We host a Facebook group for indoor range users. Please use this to post when you are planning to go to the range, or when you are looking for others to shoot with.

There are several options for accessing the indoor range:


Be a MGAC member

Indoor range access is included in your MGAC membership. The door access code is provided to you once your membership has been approved by the club’s Committee (may take up to a month to confirm). This code changes from time to time.

Issues finding this after your membership has been confirmed? Contact the Club Secretary.


Purchase an annual access subscription

For members of other archery clubs: Access subscriptions give you a door access code which enables 24/7 access to the range.

Annual cost: $150 for Juniors (youngsters) and $250 for Seniors (adults).

Purchase indoor range access online at our TidyHQ shop.

Annual indoor range subscriptions run for 12 months from the purchase date.



Archers from any recognised archery club can visit the indoor range (with an MGAC member or access holder present) and pay a $10 range fee per session (once per calendar day).

We prefer payment by bank transfer to 02-0110-0091898-00. Use reference “indoor” and your name.

Cash payments are also accepted at the range. Write your name and the date on a brown envelope, enclose money, and deposit into the box marked “Pay Here!” But – please consider making a bank transfer instead, for ease of tracking.


Group events

The range is available to book for events or groups who want exclusive access. The following prices apply:

  • $100 for twelve hours / full day
    (this is noted as twelve hours to enable our other users to shoot in an evening, such as after your event has finished for the day)
  • $50 for six hours
If you’re interested, please contact us for details.
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