Breaking News

We’re delighted to announce we have received a grant from The Trusts Community Foundation to upgrade and significantly improve the lighting at our indoor range. The work will be done after the Indoor Nationals, on a week day, during the day. Once we have the installation details – including date and timing – we will let you know.  Our thanks to The Trusts Community Foundation for supporting our club. 


If you are one of our members who brings their car onto the maunga at Owairaka (using the gate code), please make sure you drive slowly and look out for walkers, dogs, and children.  We are fortunate to share the use of the maunga with our community, so we need to be very aware of others when using this access road. 

At The Club This Week

Sat 12 August, 1pm Club Shoot brought to you by keyholder Kyle Hawkridge.

Sun 6 August, 9am Youth Line and 11am MAGS/College Line. 

Sun 6 August, 7.30am – 12.30 the indoor range will be in use by our MAGS/College Line archers to prepare for Indoor Nationals.

Remember keyholders can open the outdoor range at any time during our leased hours. To stay informed about keyholders on the range, please join the MGAC Outdoor Range Availabilty Group on Facebook Messenger.

What’s On In The District

The Auckland District Archery Association (ADAA) Field Champs will be held on Sunday 10 September at Franklin Archery Club. Everyone is welcome, and if you haven’t shot Field before, this is a great opportunity to give it a try. See attached event flyer and registration form for all the details (entries to Franklin County Archers). 

Congratulations to all those who competed at ADAA’s indoor champs last month. Once again Mountain Green archers were well represented in the medals across all bow types and age groups. Check out the full results here and a few pics (including judge Clive Hudson taking a closer look, and perfect-looking Kerry Hoole and Nicky Luis!) 

Can You Help?

Huge thanks to Mark Hallett who answered our call for help and is our new website administrator (if you are reading this, it’s working out well! – MH). We’re still on the lookout for other generous souls who can help with our tournaments and competitions – if everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot! If you can lend a hand from time to time, please email Sarah at

Keep In Touch

Have fun, and safe shooting.