In collaboration with Mount Albert Grammar School, we offer a five-week beginner course for MAGS students to learn archery. No prior experience is required; the goal is to get you interested and to support those who wish to continue progressing with archery.

Once completed, this qualifies archers to be able to join the club, to shoot at this or other archery clubs, or to enter competitions.

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About the Course

This is a five-week course where you will learn the basics of archery. The course covers necessary safety elements as well as the technique of how to shoot. Mountain Green Archery Club provides the equipment and coaching. At the end of the course we discuss how to take your archery further.

The course is run in specific time blocks so that all students can learn together.  Each course is five weeks of instruction, held across a defined time period (depending on public holidays, club commitments, etc.)  The dates are provided below. Please make sure that you can attend the classes in the course you are booking.

Course places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not run waiting lists due to the high demand involved.

Numbers for each course are limited so you must book in advance.  Your place will not be confirmed until the coaching fee has been paid.

Weather:  Archery is an all weather sport so the course will still be held if it is raining.

After the Course

1) The first step will be to join Mountain Green Archery Club as a Junior member.

2) Buy your own bow EXCITING!!!

3) Come and Shoot – The College/MAGS Development Programme takes place on Sunday mornings from 11AM.

* if you want to continue with your fellow MAGS students with the aim of working on building technique, stamina, and distance through the World Archery beginner award programme, competing in the Archery In Schools league, as well as putting together team(s) for the College Sports Archery that takes place in Term 1 each year.
* if you just want to come and shoot with other Mountain Green Youth archers, we also hold a Youth Development Program on Sunday mornings from 9AM.

You are also welcome to take part in both programmes; however, we advise that 3 hours of archery may be a little tiring while you are still building up your archery stamina.

Essential Details – MAGS Course

Five Week Beginner Course

Timing: Sundays from 1PM to 2:30PM

Session length: 1.5 hours

Cost: $250

All equipment supplied.

Please wear your sports gear and covered shoes – no sandals. NO COVERED SHOES = NO SHOOTING, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Location: Mountain Green Archery Club’s outdoor range, on the summit of Mount Albert / Ōwairaka. Access via Summit Drive; the entrance is located on the right, just past the Toroa Terrace walkway marker.

Once you have successfully enrolled, check out our Beginner Course Instructions.

Enrol here on our membership/event site using a credit card.


2024 schedule:

  • 18, 25 February;  3,10,17 March

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is archery dangerous? (For parents:) Should I be worried about injuries?

A: While shooting a bow has great potential to harm others if not done with proper training and consideration, the point of the course is to help new archers learn to shoot safely and with control. MGAC has an excellent safety record with no serious injuries in our club’s >70 years.

That being said, new archers frequently will experience bruising on elbows from bowstrings as they learn to align themselves to shoot effectively. Sore shoulders and fingers are common but not serious and resolve quickly.

MGAC is not liable for any injuries that may result during the course, and we strongly encourage all students to properly follow the instructors’ guidance.


Q: What should I wear?

A: You should wear your sports gear and MUST wear COVERED SHOES. (No sandals). NO COVERED SHOES = NO SHOOTING – NO EXCEPTIONS. Shoes must cover your entire foot. This is for your safety!


Q: I’m a MAGS student and I’ve missed out on this course! What can I do?

A: We also run public beginner courses on Saturday mornings each term. Check out further details here on our site. Hurry as these book up very quickly!

If you don’t want to wait for the next course session, we frequently recommend private instruction which you can arrange through a local archery shop such as Archery Warehouse, Advanced Archery, or Attitude Archery or a private coach. When you have completed basic instruction, you may apply for club membership and we will arrange a brief assessment to check that you can shoot safely. Our beginner course also teaches you about our outdoor range and the range rules you must follow; we may arrange for you to have a brief orientation to the range if required.

Q: I’ve learned archery elsewhere. Do I need to go through one of your beginner courses to shoot on the MGAC ranges or to join the club?

A: Welcome! If you have experienced archery before and have your own equipment, we will be happy to meet and discuss membership, including a brief assessment of your safe shooting skills. Our ranges are open only to members of recognised archery clubs, and you’ll need to have your own equipment to become a club member.


Q: How safe are your courses? How are parents/adults involved?

A: Our courses are taught by coaches who hold a current Archery NZ Coaching certification and have undergone a NZ Police vetting check by MGAC. We strive to keep a 1:5 ratio of students to coaches, with additional adult helpers welcomed. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged. Parents/caregivers, please plan to attend the first two sessions to help supervise your child’s learning. After the second session, you may drop off/pick up if required, but you are most welcome to attend!


Q: What happens after the course is finished?

A: We will cover this during the course, but in general: if you want to stick with archery, that’s great! You’ll need to purchase your own equipment, and join a club. Being a member of a club means that you can practice at the club whenever it is open. At MGAC, junior (under 18 years old) members can shoot anytime the club is open and an adult is present and supervising. You can join in with one of our scheduled sessions or enjoy some casual practice on summer weekday evenings or at weekend club shoots.

Read more about information for new members.