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For any Mountain Green archer who is thinking of shooting in the CollegeSport Archery event in Term One, the club...
We have a full calendar of coaching courses lined up for the new season.  As with everything we do as a club, these...
We did not elect a Secretary at the AGM. This is a vital role and we would like to hear from any Senior, Junior aged...


ADAA Target Champs

Fully Allocated!!

ADAA Champs is going 'old school' with a classic FITA 1440 shoot on Saturday and then a double 720 on Sunday.
This is a registered major event so ANZ dress code and rules apply.

1440 rounds are shot with 122cm faces for the two longest distances, and 80cm faces for the two shortest distances.
80cm spot faces (10 to 5 ring) are to be used for all divisions except Youth Intermediate, Cub and Kiwi, and Barebow and Longbow, who shoot a full 80cm face.
6 arrow ends are to be used for the entire shoot.

720 distances as per World Archery rules.

Please refer to ANZ shooting rules for your distances.

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