This is Mountain Green’s collective source of wisdom on how to coach archery well. It includes links to World Archery, Archery NZ, some fun training games you might like to play, YouTube and video coaching manuals, Para-Archery information, Drug Free Sport NZ links and other information.

Training Games

Training/Fun Shoots (WA Level 1)

These games are all printed out and available in the clubhouse (drawers on the sign-in desk).  This is the document of those games, in case you wish to print out specific games or plan ahead.

Training Games Generic Scoresheet

Novelty Shoots

This is a collection of a variety of ideas for novelty shoots.


Coaching Channels

Jake Kaminski Form Series –

John Dudley technical aspects of compound tuning and archery –

Archery GB –

Archery Winchester –

Very good sight for information on the biomechanics of the archery shot. In particular we recommend the following videos:
Sighting for Recurve Archers
The Hook

George Ryals compound target form and bow information –



Adaptive Archery Manual USA

World Archery Coaching Manual Level 1 Chapter 12

World Archery ParaArchery Classification Handbook


Visually Impaired Archery

USA Adapted Archery Videos

What is Wheelchair Archery?


Drug Free Sport NZ


E-learning  We recommend you do at least the first athletes module and the coaching module, but is worthwhile to do all three modules.