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In addition to attending and running area and national tournaments, we hold many organised shoots throughout the year. Club Shoots are organised shooting periods that are not as formal as a tournament, but are good opportunities for training and building archery skills.

Mountain Green holds a Club shoot every Saturday afternoon on Owairaka Domain.  All club members are welcome to come along, regardless of ability level.  Key holders are on rotation to ensure that the outdoor range is open and available for any members to practice at this time.

Types of Shoots

Advancement Program

Based on the World Archery Beginners Awards Program (BAP) – to progress archers from the White Arrow (Beginner course award) through the rest of the WA Arrows (Black, Blue, Red, Gold Arrows). Each Arrow has a skill / technique component along with a scoring requirement at advancing distances.

On the first Saturday of each month we will be holding a BAP Coaching or Assessment session. At the Coaching session you can come and learn about the skill / technique requirement for your next Arrow. At the following Assessment session, a coach will be available to assess you against the WA Awards program requirement.

Achievement Program

The MGAC Achievement Round is a shoot held once a month and is open to all club members.  It is an incentive for Novice and Intermediate archers to grow in skill, practice shooting at further distances, and meet other members of the club.

The shoot is free for any MGAC member to join.

It is held once a month, on the last Saturday of the month, during the 1PM Club Shoot.

The Shoot is 72 arrows (12 ends of 6 arrows) at the distance chosen.

Archers will start at the closest distance that they are comfortable shooting and once the achievement ribbon score has been met will then progress on to further distances in the following month.

Ribbons are free to MGAC members once the achievement score has been met.

Distances shot: 40m, 50m, 60m, 70m, 90m

Target Face: Barebow/Longbow/Recurve 122cm 10 zone scoring @ all distances

Compound 80cm @ 40/50m, 122cm @ 60/70/90m 10 zone scoring

Achievement Scores:

  • Barebow/Longbow – 400
  • Recurve – 500
  • Compound – 600

Archery NZ Interclub Challenge

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The Archery NZ Interclub Challenge (previously called the Team Postal League) is a national competition that pits archers from one club against archers of similar ability from another club in teams of three.  There are currently six divisions, with some clubs having more than one team in the league. The League is shot in the summer season, from October to March of the following year.

The round is always a Canadian 900: 30 arrows shot at each distance of 55, 45 and 35 metres.

This is a great way for members to experience an ‘informal’ formal competition shoot, with varied distances to build confidence, bow strength and fitness. We organise a specific date to shoot this round on our outdoor range within each calendar month, at a suitable time.  Each team score that is submitted is made up of a team of three archers.  The best three scores on the day are the team for that month!  Results are sent in to the League Coordinator for collation.

All club members are welcome to participate in the shoot at any time; however, only ANZ members scores can be submitted for the league competition.
Mountain Green currently has three teams in the league, so the top 9 scores from the shoot are submitted each month.

Full information on the Interclub Challenge can be found on the Archery NZ website here.

Results for the Interclub Challenge can be found here.

Dates for these shoots: check the club calendar for specific round details

ADAA 600 Round

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The Auckland District Archery Association (ADAA) runs a “600 Round” shoot once each month in an Auckland-based target club (with the exception of October), and is open to all members of any club to participate.

The shoot is free to join, and is generally held at 1:00pm at the nominated club, with shooting commencing no later than 1:30pm. Records are maintained on the ADAA website. Ribbons are awarded for attaining a score of 600 out of 900, and can be claimed by any archer who is a member of an ADAA club.

The shoot is 90 arrows at 30 metres. All archers begin on a 122 cm target face. Once an archer has shot 600 points or greater on that target face, at the next shoot they must drop their target face size to 80 cm, then 60 cm, then 40 cm. Archers who proceed beyond this point may opt to shoot a 20 cm spot.

Check out the ADAA website for more details, upcoming dates, and results.


Archery NZ Youth Archery League

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Archery NZ run a monthly Postal League for youth members.  Each month is a different challenge, organised by age group and bow type.  Mountain Green runs this shoot every Sunday as their regular youth shoot. At the end of the month, each club’s best score is submitted to Archery NZ.  Final results are posted after the end of the month, with youth archers being able to see how they compare to their counterparts around the country.

Archery NZ’s Youth Archery page can be found here.

Dates for these shoots: as part of the weekly Sunday morning Youth sessions

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