Joining Mountain Green Archery Club

Why join us?

MGAC is a friendly group of archers at all levels, including international competitors, national champions, people who love tournaments, people who don’t like tournaments, beginners, people who know a lot about archery, and people who need more practice. We all love archery.

Joining our club gives you access to shoot at our two beautiful ranges. You can shoot at our outdoor range on Ōwairaka / Te Ahi-kā-a-Rakataura / Mount Albert anytime it’s open – see our lease hours.

You can also shoot at our premium indoor range in Massey, available 24/7.

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I've Shot Before

This is if you have previous relevant archery experience, have done a Beginners Course at MGAC or another club, or are a member of another club.

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I'm New Here

This is if you have never done archery before. We suggest you go through a Beginners Course/Lessons prior to joining.

Starting Archery

Membership Levels

Memberships run from 1 September to 31 August each year. Discounted fees are available from 1 March for new MGAC members only.

We also offer family discounts with one or more adult members (Senior shooting or Non-shooting).

Find out more at our online membership portal.

Senior (adult) membership
Junior (child) membership
Associate membership
Non-shooting membership

The MGAC club is part of the Auckland District Archery Association, which brings together the target and field archery clubs in the Auckland region. Your MGAC Senior, Junior, or Life membership automatically makes you eligible to enter ADAA events and competitions, which range from the free monthly 600 Round to the annual district championship series (Target, Indoor, Clout, and Field Championships).

Find out more about the ADAA on its website and Facebook.

Archery New Zealand (ANZ) works to promote and develop the sport of archery nationally, as well as to promote and support New Zealand archers in the international arena.  MGAC is an Affiliated Club within Archery NZ, so all of our members can enjoy the benefits of membership as part of our national organisation. This gives the ability to access training resources, and to enter interclub and tournament events throughout the country and even overseas.

Find out more about Archery NZ on its website.

Terms and Conditions for MGAC Membership including Archery NZ affiliated membership

Your agreement with these Terms and Conditions will be required as part of joining or renewing your MGAC membership, as part of the online membership process.

Terms and Conditions – MGAC membership

In consideration of my application for membership with Mountain Green Archery Club (MGAC),

  1. I agree to abide at all times by the regulations and instructions of MGAC as set out in its constitution and rules available on the MGAC website at
  2. I understand that this is an application for membership. Membership acceptance will be confirmed in a subsequent email following approval by the club’s committee. I understand that there is a three-month probation period for new members during which I or the club may terminate this membership.
  3. I agree that MGAC may retain the personal details I have provided here. These details may be used for communication about club news and events. Details will be available to the club committee members only and may only be disclosed to other organisations in aggregate (for example, when we are asked how many members the club has). I give permission for my email address and phone number to be disclosed to MGAC members upon request for club purposes only. I have the right to view and change my contact details anytime on this membership website, in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.
  4. I permit the use of my name and picture in photos, videos, and informational posts as they pertain to MGAC events and activities, unless and until I withdraw this consent at a later time.

Consent disclosure for Archery NZ membership

All members of this Affiliated Club are eligible to become full members of Archery NZ (Full Member – Shooting or Full Member – Non-Shooting based on your club membership type). As a club member, you do not need to pay any additional fees yourself to Archery NZ for this membership. In order to receive full membership rights and benefits as set out in the Archery NZ Constitution (, you must consent to this membership by ticking the box below. With your consent, the club will share the following information with Archery NZ to activate your membership: name, date of birth, gender, bow division, competition class, contact details, ethnicity, and optional information on disabilities or handicaps that may support your participation in a para-archery division (collectively your “Personal Information”). The club will also provide de-identified information about the number and type of our members to Archery NZ as part of the affiliation process. You have the right under the Privacy Act 2020 to access and update your Personal Information, which you can do here on our membership portal  and on Archery NZ’s membership portal ( Please note that even if you do not consent to receive Archery NZ membership, the club pays an affiliation fee to Archery NZ on your behalf.

Terms and Conditions – Archery NZ membership

In consideration of the acceptance of my membership or participation in events with Archery NZ:

  1. I waive all claims that I may have against Archery NZ Inc, its officers, directors, members, volunteers, employees, agents and sponsors, or its executors, administrators, heirs, successors or assigns (the organisers), and release them from all claims for death, injury or damage arising out of my participation in their organisation, together with any costs, including legal fees.
  2. I agree to comply with all the rules, regulations and instructions of Archery NZ.
  3. I am aware that photos and videos of me may be taken during Archery NZ events and activities and I hereby permit the reasonable use of these images and my name in Archery NZ-related broadcasts, telecasts, press and websites, provided I have the right to ask Archery NZ to remove my name and picture, or cease using my name and picture altogether, and Archery NZ will comply in relation to any media that it controls.
  4. I understand that the membership fee paid on my behalf by the Club is non-transferable and not refundable.
  5. I agree to have my personal details recorded and used by Archery NZ and related parties for communications of future related events.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions of MGAC membership, the sharing of my Personal Information with Archery NZ, and the Terms and Conditions of Archery NZ membership.