The Official MGAC Uniform

Mountain Green’s uniform consists of the club’s grey & green shirt, your black pants or skirt, black undershirt (if required) and closed-in shoes.

“Wearing the uniform” includes wearing all of these items including the appropriately coloured pants/shorts/skirt. The shirt alone is not enough.

club captain meike voigt

Club Shirt

The Mountain Green Archery Club Shirt is made for the club by NZ Uniforms.  It is a grey Bizcool polo shirt with green trim and has the club’s logo embroidered over the left chest area.  The shirt is a unisex design, and is only available from the club shop or online with NZ Uniforms.  Both adult and child sizes are available.  It is a mandatory part of the club uniform for those who wish to enter tournaments or other official archery events.
Directions for how to order the club shirt are given further down this page.

Black Pants/Shorts/Skirt

Black pants, shorts, or skirt are worn to complete the uniform. If you choose to wear a skirt, it needs to be very wind-resistant (imagine what would happen if the wind gusted through while you were at full-draw!) Bottoms must be knee length or longer and fairly plain in colouring. Denim is never permitted as part of an archery uniform, even if the colour is correct.


If you wish to wear a short- or long-sleeved undershirt, it must be black.

Rain Jacket

The rain jacket is identical to the club’s shirt and is also available from the club shop and online at NZ Uniforms. It is not a mandatory part of club uniform – any rain jacket can be worn in inclement weather – but it is available for those who wish to look coordinated.  Sizing is unisex.


Shoes are entirely up to your personal preference and comfort level. They must be closed-in shoes, as is normal on an archery range. No gaps of any kind are permitted, whether designed or worn into place. Sneakers, sports shoes, gumboots (in wet weather) or hiking shoes are the general preference. Modern hiking shoes do offer comfort, support and the ability to keep your feet dry in nearly all weather conditions.


Hats are also a personal preference item. Woolly hats or beanies in winter are equally as necessary as sunhats in summer. Sunhats usually are dependent on the stiffness and length of the brim, as this can interfere with your shot. Bucket hats are excellent as they have a soft brim, provide cover for the back of your neck and can be bent out of the way when you shoot. Baseball caps are fine, but the brim needs to be turned off the face while shooting – the peak is often blocking the string at full-draw.

How to Order the Club Shirt and/or Jacket

From the club

The club holds stock of a limited selection of sizes of uniform shirts and jackets. These are in our online shop for purchase. Please indicate if you wish to pick them up, or have them posted.

Sizes stocked generally include the sizes below, but please check on our online shop in case they have sold out!

  • Shirts – Child 4, 6, 8, 10, 14, 16; Adult 5XL
  • Jackets – Child 6, 8, 12; Adult XS, L, 3XL


For other sizes not stocked by the club, the uniform must be purchased online.  All online orders have a standard $7.50 delivery fee.  Visit the NZ Uniforms MGAC page for sizing and ordering details.

Archery NZ Regulations – Uniforms for Tournaments

The regulations for archers wishing to attend official tournaments registered with Archery NZ or to World Archery can be found here.