mountain green archery club open day 2019

Visitor policy updated

The Committee recently updated our Visitor and Casual Shooting Policy. Updates are:

  • The outdoor casual range fee is now $10, in line with our indoor casual fee and other clubs’ casual fees. This can be paid by bank transfer to the club (02-0110-0091898-00) or on our TidyHQ online shop. Remember this only applies to visitors from other clubs (except AAC members on Thursdays) or newbies who are trying out archery under your supervision.
  • Visit numbers are now unlimited (were previously limited to 4 per year), at the discretion of the Committee.
  • We clarified that only adult members (Senior/Non-shooting) can host visitors, no matter whether they are a newbie or an experienced archer visitor – remember you are responsible for their conduct and safe shooting while they are on the range.

Find this and other policies on our website:

At the club this week

  • Sat 9am – Public Beginner Course – Note this is a public booked course (not for members), however the range will be open at this time for members who want to shoot alongside.
  • Saturday all day – Interclub Challenge shoot – score on paper or on an app; have your scoring witnessed by an adult member, and send scores to me
  • Sat 1pm Club Shoot – keyholder John Way – open to all members to shoot casually – come practice your favourite round!
  • Sat 1pm Achievement Round – run by Meike – practice your distances from 40 m onwards and earn a MGAC ribbon. 
  • Sun 9am Youth line & 11am MAGS line  
  • Sun 1pm – MAGS Beginner Course – Note this is a public booked course (not for members), however the range will be open at this time for members who want to shoot alongside.
  • Keyholders can open the range at other times during the week and evenings. To keep up with this please see our MGAC Outdoor Range Availability group on Messenger.

Keep an eye on the club Calendar and remember you can subscribe to this from your phone or tablet so can easily find updated information.

Coming Up

Interclub Challenge – Sat 25 Feb

*Anyone* is welcome to take part.  You do not need to be part of a pre-named team.  The round is a Canadian 900; details here.  We must have at least 9 people shooting to keep the club competing in this challenge so please give it a go.
You can shoot this at any time *on this date* when the range is available, just make sure the round is witnessed and send me a copy of the scoresheet (or leave the scoresheet for me to collect).

Achievement Round – Sat 25 Feb

Open to all club members.  It is an incentive for Novice and Intermediate archers to grow in skill, practice shooting at further distances, and meet other members of the club. If you are comfortable shooting at 30m and want to push out to 40m+ come along and give it a go and earn your MGAC Ribbons!!

BAP Program – Sat 4 Mar

Available to all club members (youth and senior).  Run by Geoff Sauvarin.  Based on the World Archery Beginners Awards Program (BAP) – to progress archers from the White Arrow (beginner course level) through the rest of the WA Arrows (Black, Blue, Red, Gold Arrows).  Each Arrow has a skill/technique component along with a scoring requirement at advancing distances from 10-30 m.

Save the Date – Club Target Champs for 2022/2023 season

Sunday 26 March – details to follow


Keep in touch

Safe Shooting!!!!