At the club this week

Sat 11 Feb 1pm Club Shoot keyholder: John Way

  • Wed 4-5pm – College Sport Practice – Please arrive no later than 3:45pm. Shooting will begin at 4pm, and should be finished by around 5pm. Wed 15 Feb will be the last practice day before the Ranking round shoot at AAC on 22 Feb
  • Sat 9am – Public Beginner Course – The first beginner course for 2023 starts on Sat morning under the new 4 week structure.  Note this is a public booked course (not for members), however the range will be open at this time for members who want to shoot alongside.
  • Sun 9am Youth line & 11am MAGS line Resuming – Welcome back to all our Youth archers.  Hope you had a good summer holiday and looking forward to seeing you all again on Sunday mornings
  • Sun anytime – Interclub Series – *Anyone* is welcome to take part.  You do not need to be part of a pre-named team.  The round is a Canadian 900, details here.  You can shoot this at any time *on this day* when the range is available, just make sure the round is witnessed and send me a copy of the scoresheet.  Alternate date (if Cyclone Gabrielle hits on Sunday) – 25th February.


Hopefully you would have seen the notice last week about the works being carried out on the Maunga to remove the downed trees near the Toroa Terrace walkway.  Unfortunately the piles of wood chips from this work has been left right on our doorstep.  We are trying to get in touch with the TMA to confirm what the plans are for these and if they are to be removed.  In the meantime, please keep clear and do not climb/play on these piles of woodchip.

Also to note is that these are right on the safetly line at lanes 1 and 2, as such all our beginner / Youth / Mags / Scheduled activities will be setting up on the Right of the field.  This is going to make space availability on the range a challenge during our busy courses.  Please be patient with each other and our coaches, and if needed shoot together in a single shooting line.

Keep an eye on the club Calendar and remember you can subscribe to the .ical link from your phone or tablet so can easily find updated information.


Congratulations to all our youth members who participated in the Youth North Island Champs in Tauranga in what I hear was very challenging conditions.  

Well done to :
Jacob Schaffer – Gold Mens U18 Barebow
Nick Lees – Bronze U21 Mens Recurve
Phoebe Newcombe – Gold Womens U16 Recurve
Nuala Edmundson – Gold Womens U21 Recurve
Isabella Matthews – Bronze Womens U21 Recurve

Coming Up

ADAA 600 – Sun 19 Feburary 1pm

We are hosing the first round of the ADAA600 at our outdoor range.
Open to all members of any club to participate. It is an incentive for novice and intermediate archers to grow in skill and practice, and meet other members of other clubs. 
It is free for anyone to join. 

The shoot is 90 arrows at 30 metres. All archers begin on a 122cm target face. Once an archer has shot 600 points or greater on that target face, the next shoot they must drop their target face size to 80cm, then 60cm, then 40cm. While you are shooting with other archers this is a personal improvement / achievement round.

Keep in touch

Safe Shooting!!!!